Yahoo or AOL email address

If you're using Yahoo or AOL email address

If you're using Yahoo Mail or AOL address in your LionDesk settings (,, or drip emails configured via drip campaigns will bounce and won't reach your leads. This happens because Yahoo and AOL do not allow external mail servers (like LionDesk) to send emails on their users' behalf, which is what we’re doing when sending out emails.

To fix this issue, change your email address in LionDesk to a different address with your own domain like

How to Fix? Get your own domain

It only takes a few minutes to register a domain, and there are many reputable companies that offer domain registration services. Each company has its own pricing and features, so take a look at these options and decide what's best for you.

Google Domains

One simple solution is to use Google Domains, however there are plenty of options available for domain registration services. Here are a few alternatives.


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