Route Your RealGeeks leads to LionDesk

  1. Login to your Real Geeks website at
  2. Go to
  3. Click Configure Destinations    
  4. Select the website you wish to enable.  
  5. When the screen loads, choose "Connect" the Custom API Box
  6. Fill out the following details:
  • Name: LionDesk
  • URL:
  • Secret: RealGeeksLionDesk
    (URL and Secret must be exactly as shown below.)
  • Partner ID: Find your PartnerID in LionDesk Settings->3rd Party Integrations in LionDesk by Enabling the RealGeeks API.

    7. After it is saved you will see LionDesk has been added



Your RealGeeks leads are now being routed to LionDesk! Next, you'll need to set up what LionDesk does with the leads it receives. 


8. Go to your Settings in LionDesk: In “Lead Distributions and Team Settings”:

  • Select the Lead Source Provider (Step 1)
  • Click on “Add New Lead Routing” (Step 2)

  •  Fill out the information in the required

  • Source : You are going to select the same "Lead Provider Source" you selected in Step 1
  • Campaign: The Selection of a campaign is optional. Select from the Drop Down an Auto-Responder that will automatically go out to the leads as soon as they come in LionDesk.
  • Distribution Setting:

- Individual: Choose that option if you are a solo agent and then stop here and hit "Save Lead Routing"                                                                  

- Team Rollout : Choose that option if you are a team of agents and would like the leads distributed among team members. Then Select Which "Distribution Method" and Which "Team" Once Done hit "Save Lead Routing"

To test, Click Test and Send the Request for a New Lead. Go back to LionDesk and you should see the new lead!



See RealGeeks' article here:


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