Route Your Listings 2 Leads leads to LionDesk

1. Go to your Settings in LionDesk.

2. Go To "Lead Distribution and Team Settings" 

3. Go to "3rd Party API Keys"

4. Next to "Listings 2 Leads" click on the Button "Enable" to get the API Key.

5. Copy the API Key that appears

6. Go to your “Listings 2 Leads” account

7. Click the ‘Profile’ icon in the top right corner


8. Select ‘Profile’ from the dropdown menu

9. Click the ‘CRM’ tab that appears at the top and then select LionDesk


10. Enter you LionDesk API Key that you copied earlier into the field.


Now, go back to LionDesk

1. Again, each L2L form has a unique "Landing Page Location". By utilizing this field, in association with your LionDesk source, you can start different drip campaigns for each Landing Page. For example, the landing page below is to "Turn home for sale to sold"


2. Go to your Settings in LionDesk and verify (or add) your Landing Page Location in L2L as a Lead Source in LionDesk. In this example, it would be "Turn home for sale to sold"


3. Now click on the "Lead Distribution & Team Settings" tab

4. Select Listing to Leads as the Source Provider and Click on “Add New Lead Routing"



  • Fill out the information in the required.  In this example, your Lead Source will be the L2L Landing Page. Select your Drip campaign and then Distribution Settings


  • Campaign: The Selection of a campaign is optional. Select from the Drop Down that will automatically go out to the leads as soon as they come in LionDesk.
  • Distribution Setting:

- Individual: Choose that option if you are a solo agent and then stop here and hit "Save Lead Routing"                                                                  

- Team Rollout : Choose that option if you are a team of agents and would like the leads distributed among team members. Then Select Which "Distribution Method" and Which "Team" Once Done hit "Save Lead Routing"

Test it out

Once you have changed over your Listings to Leads email address you can test it out by going to one of your Listings to Leads landing pages and submitting an inquiry. You should receive an email notification from LionDesk and see the lead in the system under "Contacts".

**We previously integrated via forwarding email, but since we have the API integration, the forwarding email isn't necessary and should be removed from their L2L accounts. Only the API should be present in L2L, not both.




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