What are LionDesk's Webinars/Demos Times?

LionDesk offers FREE Webinars/Demos to get you up and running!

We have three levels of webinars, each slightly more advanced than the last.

The topics of each level are listed below. Demos are usually ~ 45 mins. We will go over system features and answer any questions you have. Please find our times in the tables below.


Level 1 -  Introduction, Profile, Contacts, Communications, Settings

  Tuesday Friday
PST 11 am 10 am
MT 12 pm  11 am
CST 1 pm 12 pm
EST 2 pm  1 pm 


 Level 2 - Marketing, Properties, Deals, Reporting, Google Sync

PST 11 am
MT 12 pm 
CST 1 pm
EST 2 pm 


Advanced - Lead Integration, Zapier, Lead Distribution, Teams 

  Every Other Thursday
PST 11 am
MT 12 pm 
CST 1 pm
EST 2 pm 
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