Single Transaction Page

LionDesk offers Clients and 3rd parties personalized webpages for their transactions. You can find single transaction pages on the properties tab under a client’s record. Click on public page to view.

I. To find a Single transaction Page

  1. Click on the Client's name to go to his personal Profile
  2. From there, Click on the "Properties" Tab under the Client's record.
  3. Click on "View" to see the Page.
  4. To give the capability to your Clients or 3rd parties to see the page, copy the URL and send it.
  5. Any third party receiving that link will be able to submit a question on the Single Transaction Page that will go to your email address that is in your LionDesk Profile.

Here is a sample page:


!!. To Create a Single Transaction Page.

  1. From the Main Navigation bar Click on Properties
  2. Add a property and attach it to a client. (or attach an existing property to a client)
  3. The Single Transaction Page will then be created
  4. If you Start a Transaction Follow Up plan on the Property, you can choose to make some tasks private to yourself and some Public for your Clients and 3rd parties to see. From within the main Properties Tab, click on the Next Task Due  It will open the Property Task Plan  Click on the Green Pencil to Edit the Tasks of you choice, A Window will open. Next To public, Select "No" to keep the Task Private or "Yes" to make it Public.
  5. You can Also Edit The tasks from within Properties >Transaction Follow Up Plans > Tasks > Edit > Public: Yes Or No
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