Lead Distribution Type : Round Robin

Round Robin will cycle through leads one by one as they come in and roll through the list of agents you want to send leads to.  The leads will still need to be "claimed" by those agents.  We do this so that you know by looking at your lead reporting, how long an agent takes to claim a lead.  This is helpful (we think), because if you are offering leads to an agent and they are taking 5 seconds to claim compared to another agent taking 5 hours, you may want to adjust who gets what lead and when.


An example of how it works is below: 

1- Click on "Select Team to Modify Distribution Rules"

2- A drop box with your a list of your team will scroll down

3- Select the team you want to modify the distribution rules. For this example we will select "LionDesk Team"

4- Select the "Distribution Type" to be "Round Robin" 

5- Now select the team member you want to modify the distribution rules and click "Add To Distribution"

6- Select the way and time every member of the team will be notified of the lead

As you can see, David will be the notified for the first lead via Email & Text message.

Gabriela will be notified for the second lead Email and a Text message 



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