Lead Distribution Type : Time Based Rollout

An example of how it works is below: 

1- Click on "Select Team to Modify Distribution Rules"

2- A drop box with your a list of your team will scroll down

3- Select the team you want to modify the distribution rules. For this example we will select "LionDesk Team"

4- Now select the Distribution Type to be "Time Based Rollout"

5- Now select the team member you want to modify the distribution rules and click "Add To Distribution"

For this example we will select Demo User and Hank Anderson

6- Select the way and time every member of the team will be notified of the lead

As you can see, Demo User will be notified via Call, Email & Text message immediately because the roll out minutes are set to zero.

Hank Anderson will be notified 5 minutes later with an Email and a Text message - as long as Demo hasn't claimed that lead first.

When you select the Timed Roll out method of lead distribution, only one person can claim the lead.  For example, if both Demo and Hank have been notified that a new Zillow lead has come in and after 10 minutes, Demo claims the lead, Hank will be unable to do so and if he tries, he will be told that the lead has already been claimed.





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