Embed a designed Template / Embed a designed Template from Mailchimp

If you have a Constant Contact account or a Mailchimp account with templates that you want to send out from LionDesk, please follow the instructions to import those templates in LionDesk.

We have taken an Example from Mailchimp.

  1. Log into your Mailchimp Account
  2. Go to "Templates"
  3. Click to open the Template you want to import in LionDesk
  4. The template will open, Right click on it and select "View Frame Source"
  5. A new Window will open with a very long Code. Select and Copy the Whole Code.
  6. Go to your LionDesk
  7. LionDesk > Marketing > Templates > Create new Email Template
  8. In the Text Builder, Click on the "Source" icon.
  9. If there is anything in the source, delete it and paste (CONTROL "V") the code. 
  10. Fill the other Fields required: Description, Subject and Folder Name
  11. Click "Save Template"
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