Using Gmail as your main account? Important Information!

Due to sudden changes by Gmail, who are now following in the footsteps of other free email services like Yahoo!, and AOL Mail that can limit the delivery of your campaigns, we recommend you update your email address in LionDesk with a domain you own, such as

If you don't currently have your own email domain or access to your organization’s domain, we encourage you to register for one. When you use your own domain in your campaign’s From email address, your email will look more professional, and you’ll get better delivery rates.

Google will no longer allow 3rd party systems, like LionDesk, MailChimp, etc. to send out emails on June 1st if you are currently using the as your email in LionDesk.

How to Fix? Get your own domain

It only takes a few minutes to register a domain, and there are many reputable companies that offer domain registration services. Each company has its own pricing and features, so take a look at these options and decide what's best for you.

Google Domains

One simple solution is to use Google Domains, however there are plenty of options available for domain registration services. Here are a few alternatives.

Next Steps

After you set up an email address at your domain, change the default email address for your LionDesk profile.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

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    Do you know of any free domains?

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