Route Leads To LionDesk From Your Wufoo Forms

  1. Go to and Log in
  2. Follow this link:
  3. On the "Create LionDesk CRM Contacts from new Wufoo entries" area, click "Use this Zap". This will lead you to a page detailing the zap. Click "Create this Zap".

4. Now to design the Zap trigger: create "New Entry" is already selected, click continue

5. Connect your Wufoo account and click "Save + Continue"

6. Select the form you want from Wufoo. Click Continue.

7. Finally, test your Wufoo connection. If properly connected, this page will appear. Click Continue.

8. Now onto the trigger steps: LionDesk CRM and "Create New Contact" will already be selected. Click Continue.

9. Connect your LionDesk account by entering your custom LionDesk API key. Click Continue.

To get your API key: 

  • Go to your LionDesk Settings, then 3rd Party Integration, and enable your Zapier API key, Copy and paste the key in Zapier.

10. The following page will list all information that Zapier will take from Wufoo and put into your LionDesk contacts. Click Create & Continue. 

11. Finally, Click Enable! Now that your Zap is all set up, make sure to turn the Zap on.

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