How To Remove/Delete/Stop Auto Pilot Drip Campaign

There are TWO ways for Removing / Stopping / Deleting an Auto Pilot Drip Campaign.

I- From The Client's Profile Page  

  1. From the main Navigation bar Go to "Contact"     
  2. Click on the name of the Client to go to their Profile.
  3. From within their Profile, Go to Marketing 
  4. In Marketing, Under "Active Auto-Pilot Drip Campaign" You will see all the drip the Client is currently on.   
  5. Next to the one you want to Stop, Click on the Icon "Remove Unfinished Tasks"
  6. The campaign will be removed/stopped/deleted.

II- From the Auto-Pilot Drip Campaign page

  1. From the Main Navigation Bar go to "Marketing"        
  2. From Marketing go to "Auto Pilot Drip Campaign"     
  3. Next to the Drip you want to stop click on "Tasks"    
  4. An "Auto-Pilot Reporting" window will roll down under the Drip box
  5. Click "Complete all tasks" next to the Client you want to stop drip on   
  6. The Campaign will stop
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