How To Add Custom Fields For A Contact

  1. Go to Contacts section
  2. Select the contact you wish to add custom data to
  3. Click on "Add New Custom Field Type"

4. A new dropdown will appear:

5.  Type the name of the Custom Field you wish to create (Home Anniversary, Dogs Name, NickName, etc)

6.  Enter the type of the Data of the Custom Field

You can choose from text fields, dates, dollar amounts, or a number. For example, Anniversary would be a Date Field. Dogs name would be a Text field.

7. Click on "Add Field" to save

Now the new field will display in the custom fields section of every contact's record.

To enter values for a custom field, select the "Empty" next to that field

To edit the values of a custom field, select the current text

To delete the values of a custom field, select on the Red Trash Can next to that field


Note: To completely delete a custom field from all contact's records, visit your Settings section

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