Zapier Integration - Other Lead Sources

Step 1

  1. Go to and Login into Zapier
  2. Once logged in, type in LionDesk in the search to find the app.
  3. Accept and then go to the dashboard
  4. On the Dashboard Click on "Make A Zap"
  5. This applies to any Zap you are trying to create but for the sake of the example we will be using "Facebook Leads Ads". In the "Choose a Trigger App" box, start typing the name of the App you want to create the Zap for and when it pulls up click on it. For Example   
  6. Select "New Lead" 
  7. Hit "Save and Continue"
  8. Click "Connect a new Account", it will then display a "Success" message.
  9. Insert the your Page link. (For this example your Facebook Page Link, it could be your company's page link....) 
  10. In the Form Box, if you have a specific form, select it from the dropdown, for all other forms, leave it blank. Step 2
  11. Choose an "Action App" the only one you can choose is LionDesk. 
  12. Create a New Contact and then Hit "Save and Continue" 
  13. Click on "Connect a New Account", it will open a window for Zapier
  14. Go to your LionDesk Settings > 3rd Party Integration and enable your Zapier API key, Copy and paste the key in Zapier.
  15. Hit on "Test", A "Success" message will be displayed. Then hit "Save and Continue". 
  16. (This area has been updated to include a new drop-down menu for selecting contact sources from LionDesk. All past Zaps will continue to work as they did before.) In your LionDesk Settings, add the lead routing and information for you lead sources. The information you put into LionDesk will appear on the "Tags" and "Contact Sources" drop down menus. You will still need one zap per Facebook ad if they're each on a different drip campaign.
  17. Fill out the information and hit 'Continue". Here is an example of the form.
  18. A "Test LionDesk CRM" will then rollout. Click "Create & Continue" 
  19. When the test is don a "Test Successful" message will appear. Hit "Finish" 
  20. Give your Zap a name and Turn your Zap "ON"  
  21. Use the Zap name as your "Source" within LionDesk to setup your lead source routing. Make sure it matches 100% the sources you have in LionDesk (copy paste the source to make sure it is written the same way). If the source is left Blank, it will still import the lead, however no source type will be added and no auto-responder will be started. Please visit this article for next steps:

    You are all set!
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