Zapier Integration- Email Parser

1- Go to and login

2- On your dashboard, click the orange "Make a Zap!" button

3- For the Trigger App, choose "Email Parser by Zapier" and click "Save + Continue"


4- Create a Zapier email parser account here.

5- Continue to follow the steps within Zapier to forward your new lead email to the email address displaying in Zapier.

6- Once you have successfully sent your new lead email to Zapier mailbox, you will need to now parse your email:

7- Simply highlight and name the text that you want to extract from future emails matching the template.


8- You can extract many parts of an email.


  • All emails sent to the mailbox will now be parsed and extracted data will be saved and accessible in your dashboard. Contact your lead source provider and ask that new lead notifications now be sent to your Zapier mailbox. Or simply setup an auto forwarding rule in your email provider. 
  • NOTE: If you will be having your lead source provider, automatically routing the leads into your Zapier Mailbox, make sure the from section in your email parse is the lead source provider's email not your personal email address. If you will be manually forwarding them or auto forward from your personal email address, you can leave your parse as is. 

9- Connect your new Parser account


10- Click Continue, and then "Fetch + Continue" to test your new parser account. If all the steps were done correctly, the test will be successful.


11- Now onto the trigger steps: select LionDesk CRM and "Add Email Activity". Then click Continue.


12- Connect your LionDesk account by entering your custom LionDesk API key. Click Continue.





To get your API key: 

1- Go to your LionDesk Settings, then 3rd Party Integration, and enable your Zapier API key, Copy and paste the key in Zapier.


2- Set up your parsing template


3- Finally, click Test, and if the test is successful, click finish! 

4- Make sure to name your Zap and turn it on!


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