Zapier Integration- Email Parser

LionDesk can integrate with other systems through your unique email address or through the 3rd party API keys. In the situation where neither of them are options, we use Zapier as an email parser to route leads into LionDesk.

As long as you receive an email notification from the lead provider, Zapier can capture important information from the email and send it to LionDesk to create a new contact!


Routing Leads using Zapier

1) Go to and login

2) On your dashboard, click the orange "Make a Zap!" button

3) Choose app and trigger event, then click "Continue" 

For "Choose App", type Email Parser by Zapier
For "Choose Trigger Event", select New Email




4) Click on "Sign in to Email Parser by Zapier" and click "Authorize" to allow Zapier to connect with your Parser account. To create an Email Parser account click here.


5) In your Email Parser account, click on "Create Mailbox" and you will receive a unique email address with the following domain:


6) Retrieve the email notification from the lead provider and forward the email to the unique email provided.

7) Once the Email Parser has captured the email notification, highlight and name the text you want to extract and send to LionDesk.



You can extract multiple parts from the email. The Email Parser will use this as a template to capture the same information from future email lead notifications. 


8) Once completed, click on "Save Address and Template" 


9) In your Zapier account, click on the drop-down menu to select your mailbox and click "Continue" 

Note: The mailboxes are named after the unique email domain. You can create multiple mailboxes if you wish to connect with multiple lead providers. 



10) You can click "Test & Review" to review the information that was captured or click on "Test & Continue" to move to the next section.


11) Choose app and action event, then click "Continue"

For "Choose App", type LionDesk 
For "Choose Action Event", select Create Contact




12) Click on "Sign in to LionDesk" and click "Allow"




13) Complete the following fields and click "Continue" when done


Using the extracted information from the email notification, assign each field with the corresponding LionDesk field.  All of the available LionDesk fields are listed below: 

First Name   Home phone Address   Contact Hotness 
Last Name Office Phone        City  Contact Source 
Email Company    State  Contact Tags   
Mobile Phone        Birthday      Zip Code        Comments


Note: Users can select an existing Drip Campaign to trigger when matching the fields.



14) Send a test contact to LionDesk to confirm the connection



15) Once confirmed, name and turn on your Zap!


Note: All emails sent to the mailbox will capture and use the selected information to create a new contact in LionDesk.

Contact your lead source provider and ask that new lead notifications now be sent to your Zapier mailbox. Make sure the from section in your email parse is the lead source provider's email not your personal email address

Or set up an auto-forwarding rule in your email provider. If you will be manually forwarding them or auto-forward from your personal email address, you can leave your parse as is. 


Congrats! The Zapier integration is complete.


If at any point you get stuck, we're here to help via:
Phone 760-501-8582, Email, and LiveChat Mon-Fri 7am - 5pm PT

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