Sync Office 365 Email to LionDesk via Zapier

LionDesk allows syncing of your Office 365 sent and received emails and will match the email up to an existing contact from within LionDesk.

(Important: Zapier can only support the business version of Office 365, not Home 365 or Outlook, so if you're using Outlook, you will not be able to connect your account to the Zap.)

To activate this "ZAP", follow the instructions below. You can create two zaps, one for your Office 365 Inbox, the other for your Office 365 Sent emails, that way both inbox and sent items will be attached to your contact.

Note: New contacts will NOT be created with this Zap if the email address is not found in LionDesk.

Step 1

  1. Go to and Login into Zapier
  2. Click on this link to Receive an invitation from Zapier 
  3. Click on "Accept invite & Go to Dashboard"
  4. On the Dashboard Click on "Make A Zap"
  5. For the Trigger App, select "Office 365"
  6. Select "New Email"  as your Trigger

  7. Hit "Save and Continue"
  8. Click "Connect a new Account", it will then display a "Success" message.
  9. For the "Folder", you can select any folder. We recommend "Inbox" or "Sent", but you can choose what you like when pulling in your 'received' emails.  

    Step 2 -> Connect to LionDesk as your 'Action App'

  10. Choose an "Action App" the only one you can choose is LionDesk. 
  11. Select "Create New Email Activity" 

  12. Click on "Connect a New Account", it will open a window for Zapier
  13. Go to your LionDesk Settings > 3rd Party Integration and enable your Zapier API key, Copy and paste the key in Zapier.
  14. Hit on "Test", A "Success" message will be displayed. Then hit "Save and Continue". 
  15. Fill the form by Matching your form's fields to LionDesk's Fields. In the first field, if you selected "Inbox" as your Office 365 Folder, make sure you select "Received" in the LionDesk Email Type. If you selected "Sent", then you will choose "sent".  This tells LionDesk how to properly label the incoming emails.

  16. Fill out the information and hit 'Continue". Here is an example of a completed form

  17. A "Test LionDesk CRM" will then be displayed. Click "Create & Continue" 
  18. When the test is done, a "Test Successful" message will appear. Hit "Finish" 
  19. Give your Zap a name and Turn your Zap "ON"  
  20. You are all set, no just repeat this process for both your "Inbox" and your "Sent" items to sync both into LionDesk.   Sample below of two Zaps:

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