Sync Outlook and Yahoo via Zapier to LionDesk

LionDesk allows syncing of your Outlook and Yahoo emails that were sent and received.  Liondesk will match the email up to an existing contact from within LionDesk.

To activate this "ZAP", follow the instructions below. You can create two zaps, one for your Inbox, the other for your Sent emails, that way both inbox and sent items will be attached to your contact.

Note: New contacts will NOT be created with this Zap if the email address is not found in LionDesk. This integration only works for the owner of contacts within LionDesk

Step 1 - Setting Up Trigger App

1. Go to and select the orange "Make a Zap with LionDesk CRM" button at the bottom.

2. Choose "IMAP" as your trigger app

3. Select the "New Email" trigger, then "Continue"

4. Click "Connect a new Account". A window will pop up where you plug in your email contact information. It will then display a "Success" message.

  • Host - This will be the URL for your IMAP server. Outlook's IMAP address is, Yahoo's is
  • Username - This is typically the username and/or email address you use to log in to your email account
  • Password - This is the password you use to log in to your email account
  • Port - When syncing Outlook and Yahoo, use port 993.

(For more info on Yahoo, click here:

5. For the "Folder", you can select any folder. We recommend "Inbox" or "Sent", but you can choose what you like when pulling in your 'received' emails.   After you select it, you can test the account out.

Step 2 - Connect to LionDesk as your 'Action App'

  1. Choose LionDesk CRM as your action app
  2. Select "Create New Email Activity" and then "Save + Continue"

  1. Click on "Connect a New Account", it will open a window for Zapier
  2. To get your API key: 

    • Go to your LionDesk Settings, then 3rd Party Integration, and enable your Zapier API key, Copy and paste the key in Zapier.

  3. Hit on "Test", A "Success" message will be displayed. Then hit "Save and Continue". 
  4. Fill the form by Matching your form's fields to LionDesk's Fields. In the first field, if you selected "Inbox" as your Folder, make sure you select "Received" in the LionDesk Email Type. If you selected "Sent", then you will choose "sent".  This tells LionDesk how to properly label the incoming emails.

  5. Fill out the information and hit 'Continue". Here is an example of a completed form

  6. When the test is done a "Test Successful" message will appear. Hit "Finish" 
  7. Give your Zap a name and Turn your Zap "ON"  

For any additional questions, Zapier's IMAP Help Docs are here:

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  • Great step by step tutorial. If you make a mistake when you are mapping the fields. Go to the end of the line and press backspace...selecting the item and pressing delete won't work.

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