How to Set Recurring Tasks

How to Set Recurring Tasks


Recurring Tasks For An Individual

Want to assign a recurring task for a specific person? Just follow these steps below! 

1. Type in a particular contact's name into the "Search Contacts" bar or go to the "Contacts" section

2. Click on "Actions" next to the contact's name

3. Click on "Add Task"

4. For type, click "Recurring"


5. Change when you want the task to repeat, start, and end

6. Click "Save New Task"

7. You are good to go! 


 Mass / Bulk Recurring Tasks  

Interested in assigning recurring tasks for a group of people? Follow these steps and you will be able to do just that! 


1. Go to "Contacts"

2. You can either click "Bulk Actions" or first filter your contacts.

3. Once you have the contacts you wish to set recurring tasks for, click "Bulk Actions" and then click "Add Task"

4. Click for all contacts and then click "Recurring"

5. Change when you want the task to repeat, start, and end

6. Finished! 


Why is this such a great tool? Efficiency and ease is the name of the game. This feature allows you to quickly format tasks without having to constantly update them or reset them. 

Have you thought of creative and unique ways for utilizing this tool? Head over to our LionDesk Facebook Group and share your skills with others! 

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