How to Send Out Mass Texts

How to Send Out Mass Texts

With your LionDesk custom phone number, you can now send out mass texts. In fact...texting is now as simple as ever!

-1. Go to the "Contacts" section

-2. Use the filters found on this page to find the population of contacts you want to mass text or simply select the contacts manually

-3. Click on "Bulk Actions"

-4. From the new dropdown that appears, click on "Text Contacts"

-5. Now you are given the option to Mass Text:

             a. contacts selected

             b. all contacts

-6. A new window will appear with the list of selected contacts along with a textbox to create the mass text message or ability to select a text template (right hand side). Within this window you are also able to insert your video to be able to mass video text!! Once you finished composing or choosing your text template, click "Send."

-7. All done! 

You can mass text up to 150 contacts, so make sure to use the filter options to find the best people to contact!

Why is mass texting so great? You can save yourself a lot of time by texting out to a group of people that would all benefit from the same information.


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