Buying a Custom Phone Number

LionDesk will not be able to send text messages from a phone number that is already owned by you or anyone else. LionDesk offers the ability to purchase a local texting number. Purchasing a custom number comes with the ability to send 1,000 text messages per month. You do have the option to upgrade your texting limit for an additional cost. By purchasing your LionDesk texting number, you are able to send video texts, bulk text, and use our Text2Sell features.

If you need more information on how texting works with LionDesk, please visit this article: 

If you are ready to purchase here are the steps to get that done in your account:

1. Go to your "Profile" page

2. Click on "Manage Subscription & Limits"


3. If you don't have a subscription with LionDesk, you will see this screen. Click on "Buy Now" next to Custom Number to start the purchase:


If you already have a subscription with us, you will see this screen. Select "Custom LionDesk Number" from the dropdown and click "Add" to start the purchase.

4. You will have the option to select the custom LionDesk number for a list of phone available in your area code.


This is also the area to add any detail add-ons once you are subscribed.

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