Text 2 Sell / Call 2 Sell Enhanced Features

Using your LionDesk custom phone number, you can capture demographic and social data the instant a new client calls or texts you.

If you receive an incoming call, or text, from a client that does not exist in your database, LionDesk will automatically search for any publicly available demographic and social data and create a new Contact in your database.

With this enhanced functionality, LionDesk can now identify +600M phone numbers with the following data points: Name, Address, Email, Carrier, Line Type, Secondary Phone, Age, Gender, Household Income, Marital Status, Presence of Children, Home Owner Status, Home Market Value, Length of Residence, High Net Worth, Occupation, Education Level, Twitter Handle & Followers, Facebook Profile & Followers, LinkedIn Profile

You will also receive an instant text message to your phone so that you know who is calling! Even if they hang up, you will still capture their contact info in LionDesk.

How it works when a new client texts or calls you:

Client sees your property/ad/phone number and texts you:


You then get a notification on your phone instantly. (See the last text alert from 'Anderson Travel') This same functionality occurs if a client calls your phone as well.

* Included in the text/call is their message, as well as their number, name and link to their newly created profile in LionDesk.


Newly Profile Created in LionDesk with any available social/demographic data.




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