How to Find Duplicate Contacts

1. Go to your Profile 

Found in the upper right hand corner. Click on "Welcome, yourfirstname" and select "Profile" from the drop down that appears

2. Select "Find Duplicate Contacts

3. A new window will appear; select the preferred method for finding duplicates. Duplicates can be searched by exact match (matching name, email, and number), or name, or email, or mobile phone, or home phone. For this example, let's select "Name"

4. All contacts that are matched by the selected method (ie name) will appear in groups

5. Next select one of the options below:

a. Select Hide if you wish to not merge the group found

b. Select Merge if you wish to merge all information for all contacts found in group into one contact

Note: If you want to remove an individual contact from the merge group, select "Remove" next to that contact

Note: Each merge group must have a selected "Master" record, this Master record's profile information will remain the same; the other contact's information within the merge group will be added to the Master record. 

6. You are able continue this process for all the merge groups found or search for duplicates by selecting another method: "Exact Match, Name, Email, Mobile Phone, or Home Phone" on the left hand side of this screen. 

Note: You are able to merge contacts or find duplicates within the contact's profile record as well without having to go into your "Profile" page. 

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