How to Sync Google Contacts

1. Make sure your LionDesk account is connected to your Google account.

If you have not done so already, please visit these instructions: otherwise proceed to step 2. 

2. Click on "Import Google Contacts"

3. A new window will appear that gives you the option to select how you want your contacts synced

4. If you are syncing for the very first time: Select 'One Time Sync'.

  • Select either 'One-Way', or 'Two-Way'
    One-Way= information will be pulled from Google and displayed in LionDesk
    Two- Way= any updates within LionDesk for a Google contact will be pushed back into Google
  • Use the dropdown for the Google Contact Groups you would like to import into LionDesk
  • Select New, All, or From Date
    If New, then only contacts from here on forward will be imported.
    All = every contact in your groups selected
    From Date = contacts that were created in google after that particular date
  • Click "Run Manual Sync Now" to begin your sync

5. Once you have synced once, you can setup a recurring sync that will run 4 times a day

  • Select 'Set Automatic Sync'
  • Select 'One-Way', or 'Two-Way'
  • Choose your groups you wish to pull from Google
  • Click "Run Manual Sync Now"

6. You're all done. Painless, right? Please check your contacts page to see if contacts were successfully added

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