Bulk Email

 LionDesk offers the ability to send the same email to all contacts or a specific selection of contacts. The emails will be sent as individuals emails to each person selected. 

1. Go To Contacts section

Note: To select a specific selection of contacts, use the "Filter Contacts" section show below to filter to the population you wish to email otherwise proceed with the steps below to email all contacts. 

2. Click on "Bulk Actions"

3. Within the drop down, hoover on "Email Contacts"

4. Click on "All XXX Contacts"

5. A new window will appear as shown below. Here you select a template to send by clicking on the green arrow (left hand side) or manually compose an email within the subject and body lines. 

Note: This window will show you how many emails you have left in your account (blue section)

Note: Add attachments, by clicking on the "Attachments" tab

6. Once you are ready to send, scroll down this window to select your delivery options of Immediately, Schedule (to select a future date for delivery), or Recurring (to send the same email to the same population more than one time). 

7. Lastly, click on "Send Email"

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