Follow Up Plan Tasks

You can add, edit, and remove tasks in your transaction plans from several different areas within LionDesk. 


From The Follow Up Transaction Plans

1- Under the "Properties" tab locate "Transaction Follow Up Plans"

2- Click on “Tasks” next to the respective plan. The list of tasks will appear on the right that are associated with the plan.

To Add New Tasks

1- You can also add a task by clicking on “Add New Task” and directly add it to the Transaction Follow Up Plan

To Edit or Remove

1- To Edit/Remove, click the “Edit” and “Remove” buttons.




From Properties

1- Click on "Properties" in the navigation bar.

2- From there stay on "Property Manager".

3- Click on the "Next Task Due" next to the respective Property.

4- A window will roll down with all the tasks: Due and Completed

To Edit or Remove

1- To Edit click on the "Green Pencil" next to respective task, a window will roll out, change what needs to be and save it.

2- To Delete click on the Red Trash Can next to the respective task.

3- You can also "Complete or Incomplete" tasks by clicking on the Red Check Mark.



From The Client Personal Profile Page

1- Select Contacts from the menu

2- Select the contact you want to open the profile for and click the name on the contact

3- Scroll down until you see the Tasks window within the contact's profile

To Add New Tasks

1- Click on “Add New Task”.

2- A Window will open where you can enter:

  • The “Description” of the Task
  • You can add additional "Notes"
  • Assign the task to a team member
  • Select the type of the task
  • “When” and at “what time” to remind you
  • “How” to remind you (Text, Email or Call).

7- When you are finished just hit “Save New Task”


To Add a Task Quickly

1- Without having to go and type a lot of information, simply use the "Add Quick Task" function.  This will set a task at a certain day,week, month or year as well as allow you to set a reminder type. 


To Edit or Remove

1- You can edit, complete or remove individual tasks by clicking on the respective icons next to each task.


From The Task Page

1- Go to the Tasks Tab in the LionDesk menu and stay under the "View Calendar Tasks" section

2- You can view the tasks that are due, overdue, current, upcoming, and completed from the menu on the left

Add New Tasks

 1- Click on “New Task” a new window will appear.

 2- Fill in the details:

  • Description of the task
  • When and at what time
  • How you would like to be reminded: call, text, or e-mail
  • Assign a customer to that task

 3- When you are finished, click “Save New Task”

  • You will see the new task appear in your lists of tasks

To Edit or Remove

1- Edit or Remove a task by clicking respectively on the Edit/Remove button.

2- When a task is completed, click “Complete.” LionDesk will transfer this task to the “Completed” tab.




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