Managing a Team


When working as a team, anyone with a LionDesk subscription can be part of your team. You would add them to your team via invitation, and we have a video about creating teams and an article about adding team members.

With teams, they can pay for their own accounts, or the broker or team leader could pay for them, or have a hybrid of both. You can also be a part of multiple teams.

You have the option of having team sharing “ON” or “OFF,” and that button determines what information is shared. 

Team sharing on: Everyone within that team will be able to view each other contacts, calendars, share email templates, and assign tasks to each other.

Team sharing off: Each team member within that team will only be able to view their own LionDesk account along with any contact that is assigned to them by a contact owner.


Creating a Team

Only registered users of LionDesk will be allowed to join a team.

1- Click "Settings" section (left hand side navigation panel)

2- Click tab "Lead Distribution & Team Settings"

3- Click “Create New Team” 

4- Give a name to your team

5- Hit “Create Team”.

6- The team name will appear in your team’s list.


Adding Member to a Team

1- Click on “Invite New Team Member”

2- A drop box will appear

  • For Brokers: You can invite agents to be a team member by:
    • Their name 
    • Their Email
  • For Agents: You can only invite other agents to be a team member by their email.
  • Note: If they are not a member of LionDesk, they will receive an email asking them to signup.  You will NOT see them on your list of team members invited, until they register.

3- Enter the name or the e-mail and click “Invite Member”.

  • If someone asks you to be a member of their team:
    • A new box will appear both on your “Dashboard” and in the “Setting” page. Either click “Accept” or “Decline” 


Sharing with Team Members

1- On your Marketing tab, go to the "Templates" section


2- Next to the folder you want to share, click the actions button and select "Share with Team Member"

3- A window will come up with a list of team members for you to share with

  • A user must be on your team for you to be able to share templates with them this way
  • Your team member will now have the folder shared with them and any templates or edits you add to the folder will transfer onto their account.
  • To remove team sharing on a folder, click the red X next to a team member's name.
  • Remember, once sharing is removed any changes to templates in the folder will no longer be shared with your team member, but they will still have the original folder and templates available to modify in their account.



Sub-Account Admin

Sub Account Admin is located under Settings. Unlike with Teams, there are certain parameters that must be met before a Sub Account Admin is added to an account. In order to qualify, you must be paying for all of your agents' accounts. You don't have to be a broker to have Sub Account Admin added to your account, you can be a team leader/manager as long as you are paying for everyone's account.


Adding a Sub-Account Admin

1- Locate your setting in your LionDesk account on the menu to the left

2- Select Sub-Account Admin on the top tabs

3- Select Add Sub Account

4- Enter the Sub Account email address

5- Then follow the instructions on the screen as prompted to set up the new Sub-admin account



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