Understanding Daily Vitals

Daily Vitals

The Daily Vitals is your personal tracker. It will at the end of your day give you an overview on all of your activity: How many new Contacts, Outbound calls, Outbound and Inbound Texts, Emails sent, opened and links in those emails clicked on.


Email Reputation

Your Reputation score is given in a range from 0-100 (100 being the best) and is a calculated based on information about your sending habits, specifically how many requests are able to be delivered. This includes:

  • Low bounce rates, drop rates, unsubscribes
  • Few spam complaints
  • The ratio of invalid emails sent out
  • Consistent mailing volume

It is calculated by taking the percentage of requests that are able to be delivered.

To achieve the highest reputation possible, we recommend that you have an industry standard opt-in process, don’t rent or buy email lists and always keep your lists clean.

Also, don't worry! Email reputation can be repaired! If you start sending successful emails with low bounce rates and few unsubscribers, your email reputation number will begin to rise.


LionDesk's Reputation Policy

We regularly monitor our customers’ account reputation for abuse and undesirable sending practices.

Our general guidelines for account reputation take into account the following reputation thresholds:

  • Reputation above 80%: Congratulations, you have a good sending reputation and there are no issues at this time.
  • Reputation between 70% and 80%: This is considered a poor reputation and actions should be taken immediately to identify and fix problems with your sending practices.
  • Reputation below 70%: Accounts with reputations below 70% may be subject to immediate suspension or termination.
  • Reputation at 0%: If your reputation is at 0% you will no longer be able to send emails from LionDesk. 
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