Contacts Slipping Away

Under your Dashboard within your account, you can view a section called "Contacts Slipping Away"

This will show you what new contacts are slipping away, prospecting contacts that are slipping away, and active contacts that are also slipping away. 


LionDesk pulls up information from two different areas to alert you when your clients are slipping away and have no current activity. Activity is either a comment, an email, text message or phone call.

On A List of Contacts

In Marketing > Contact List, when you create a List, you can set a reminder of how soon you want to be notified if a list has no activity

1- Select the list you want and press "edit"

2- A window will then appear and you can set Reminder Days.

  • Reminder days will allow LionDesk to automatically add a task for you to follow up with contacts in a list after a set number of days from when your Contact is added to the list. Set to 0 for no reminders. 

  • Note: if you have reminder set up, and there are 100 people on the list you haven’t made contact with, you will receive 100 reminders, not just one. 

On a Contact

LionDesk will also alert you when there is no activity on a specific contact "Status" 

1- In Settings, under Contacts activity alerts, You can set up the numbers of days for each status before LionDesk alerts you that there no activity.

2- Select the edit button next to the status that you want to edit

3- A window will appear where you can change the number of days

4- Then select "Update Activity"

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