Table View

Add, Edit, or Remove a Deal

1- Under the Deals tab within LionDesk, select "Table View"


To Add a Deal

1- Click on "Add New Deal"

2- A window will open

3- Fill out the information required

4- When you are done hit "Save New"

5- The new deal will appear in your table among the other deals.


Edit a Deal

1- Click on the "Edit" icon

2- A window will open

3- Make the changes you want

4- When you are done hit "Update"


Remove a Deal

1- To Delete a deal, just click on the "Remove" icon


Sort & Search a Deal


1- You can sort your deals by :

  • Team Members, Status, Value, Customer, Type, Stage, Property, Name and Expected Close.
  • To sort just click on the respective arrows next to each description.


1- You can search your deals by typing the key words in the search box


View Team Deals

To See all your team members deals

1- Switch the "Include Team Deals" icon to "YES"

2- All your team members deals will then sync in your deal list and appear in your table

Note that you can "Edit" or "Remove" your team deals.




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