Documents Overview

Upload, store and organize your files and documents within LionDesk. You can create as many folders as you want to keep your files separate. Documents can be used for Client Presentations, Listing Details, Flyers, etc.

1- Locate the documents tab in your LionDesk menu

2- Continue to upload your documents with the directions below


From your Computer

1- Locate the "Drop Files" section located to the right of the screen

2- Select the folder you want to add your document to

3- Drag the document from your computer file to the area with the blue upload cloud and it will upload and attach automatically

Via Email

1- Send an email to Any attachments will automatically be added to the 'Uncategorized' folder. Note: It must come from Import will be delayed depending on file size (max 10mb).



How To Upload A Video

1- Go to your Communications section and click on the "Video Management" tab.

2- Under the Video Management tab, select "Record A Video" to create a new video with your webcam, or "Upload A Video" to upload a video you've already created.

3- A video uploading/recording window will appear. Select the video type (depending on length/size)  and upload your video

Your video will now be listed in the Video Management section. Now you can send it to your clients!


Create a Folder

1- Click on “Add Folder”

2- Name your new folder 

3- Click “Save New"



There are 2 ways to Embed Images in an Email

Copy/Paste the picture into the email. Make sure to use "Control V" for pasting.                


Upload the picture into the "Documents" page in LionDesk.

1- Click on the picture, it will open a new window.

2- Copy the URL of that window 

3- Go back to your template

4- Click on the image icon in the text builder

5- A window will open

6- Paste the URL

7- Hit OK


Attach a Document to a Contact

There are two ways to save documents to a contact. 

Method #1

1- After you have uploaded a file into LionDesk, you can click on the "Add to Contact" button.

2- A window will appear:

3- Type the name of the contact you want to send it to.

4- Click "Add to Contact

Method #2: 

1- You can also send a document via email directly to the contact profile by emailing As long as LionDesk is able to find the client email address, it will save both the email and attachments to the contact record.

Note: Only the owner of the contact is able to save the emails and attachments to contacts.



Document Storage

Is there a limit on document storage?

  • Yes, the limit is 200 mb for Document Storage.

Is there a limit to File size for an upload?

  • The size of files to be uploaded cannot exceed 15mb.

These are limits LionDesk has set, however, if you need more storage, please contact us and we will submit a request for a storage extension on your account if it is eligible. Fees may apply.







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