Documents Overview

Upload, store and organize your files and documents within LionDesk. You can create as many folders as you want to keep your files separate. Documents can be used for Client Presentations, Listing Details, Flyers, etc.



Upload Documents

1) In the LionDesk menu, click on Documents 


2) Select the folder where you want to store your documents 


3) On the right-side for the screen, click on "Drop Files" or drag and drop your file into that section. mceclip1.png




Upload Documents via Email

1) Send attachments in an email to Attachments will be saved in the "Uncategorized Folder." 

Note: Email must match the email associated to the LionDesk account. Import will be delayed depending on file size (max 10mb).





Create Folder in Documents


1) Click on “Add Folder”


2) Name your new folder 


3) Click “Create Folder"





Attach Documents to a Contact

Method #1:

1) Once the file is uploaded, click on the "Add to Contact" button.


2) In the pop-up window, type the name of an existing contact 


3) Click "Add to Contact" 


Method #2: 

Note: Only the owner of the contact can use this method 

1) From your inbox, email the contact with the documents attached and add to the CC or BCC section of the email. 

Once sent, LionDesk will search all your contacts for a matching email address and save both the email and the documents in the contact record. 



Documents FAQ 

Is there a limit on document storage?

Yes, the limit is 200 mb for Document Storage.


Is there a limit to File size for an upload?

The size of files to be uploaded cannot exceed 15mb.


Can I increase my storage limit?

These are limits LionDesk has set, however, if you need more storage, please contact us and we will submit a request for a storage extension on your account if it is eligible. Fees may apply.



If at any point you get stuck, we're here to help via:
Phone 760-501-8582, Email, and LiveChat Mon-Fri 7am - 5pm PT







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