Managing & Organizing Columns

If you have information in your contact profiles that you need to be able to search by (such as birthday, spouse name, or anniversary) you can modify your Contacts Page so that it becomes a searchable field.

For this example, we will create a new column for searching by spouse names

Here are the steps:

1- Go to the "Contacts" page in LionDesk.

2- Click the "Columns" button.

3-"Customize Table Columns" will appear.

4- Search for the field you would like to add, in this case, "Spouse Name." If you hover over the field, a green plus sign will appear. Click that, and you will move "Spouse Name" over from "Available" to "Selected."

Once "Spouse Name" is under "Selected," click "Update Table."

5- Your table will now show "Spouse Name" as a column.

6- Now, if you search "Claire Dunphy" in the Contacts search bar, you will be able to see her name and Phil's contact information.


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