Single Transaction Page Overview

LionDesk offers Clients and 3rd parties personalized webpages for their transactions. You can find single transaction pages on the properties tab under a client’s record. Click on public page to view.

1- First you will need to go under the "Contact" section within your LionDesk navigation bar

2- Search for the contact that you want in your contact table.

3- Click on the contact's name to access their profile

4- Click on the "Properties" tab

5- You will see the list on properties under the Contact Properties table. Click on "View" to see the Page.


6- To give the capability to your Clients or 3rd parties to see the page, copy the URL and send it.

7- Any third party receiving that link will be able to submit a question on the Single Transaction Page that will go to your email address that is in your LionDesk Profile.

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