Creating, Editing, & Deleting Folders

Add Folders

1- Click on the "Marketing" tab in the navigation bar.

2- The "Folders" page will open

On this page you see the default folders where your emails and text templates are organized. The two default LionDesk folders are “Uncategorized” and “LionDesk: New Lead Follow up”.

3- Click on “Add Folder” in the left bottom corner. A window will roll down where you can input the name for the Folder you are adding and a short description.

4- When you are finished just hit “Save”. And the folder will appear in the list


Edit or Delete a Folder

1- Click on the "Marketing" section in the navigation panel

2- The "Folders" tab will open

3- Click on the "Action" button on the right of each folder.

4- A menu will appear where you can choose to edit the folder name or delete it with the "Delete All" button




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