Search & Sort Contacts

In LionDesk, searching and sorting through your contacts is simple and easy to search through.

1- First locate your "Contacts" tab in your LionDesk account

2- You will then see your contact table where all of your contacts are located


Search Contacts

1- You can search a contact directly by typing in the search box above the contact list, matching contacts will start appearing. This will search the name, email, phone, tags, source and status fields.


Sort Contacts

1- You can sort your contacts by any of the column headers, including Name, Email, Phone, Tags, Source, Status, Last Contact, Contact Hotness, and the date the contact was Created.

2- When you turn on "Include team members contacts" a new column called "Team Member" will appear. You will then be able to sort by the team member owner of the Contact too

3- To sort your contacts, click on the arrows next to the field you want to sort them by. If you click twice, it will sort ascending or descending order.


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