1- Go under the "Contacts" tab in your LionDesk account

2- On the contacts table, you will see "Filter Contact". Click on the arrow next to “Filter Contacts”

3- The filtering menu with all the options for your customizable filtering will then appear. Select how you want to filter and proceed

3- Click on the “Filter Contacts” button and you will have a list of the contacts that apply to the criteria you have chosen. 


Filter Options:

  • Contacts with no active campaign: Displays contacts with no future autopilot/drip campaign tasks for LionDesk to complete.
  • Contacts with no future tasks: Displays contacts with no call, email or text task set in the future for you to complete.
  • Last Email/Text Sent: Emails or Texts that have been sent via LionDesk between two dates. 
  • # of times Emailed/Texted: Minimum and Maximum times an E-mail/Text has been sent via LionDesk.
  • Hotness:Filter your contact by Hotness level "Hot/Cold"
  • Last Comment: Comments that you have added to a contact between two dates.
  • Number of times Commented: How many comments/notes that are on the contact.
  • Include Team Members Contacts: When you are a member in a team you can choose to either view only your contacts or view all your team members contacts.
  • Contact Status: You can choose to view only a specific category of clients on your main Contact Page. Choose which category New, Prospective, Active, Future, Closed/Inactive and Non Client 
  • Contact Type: You can choose to see only one type of contacts on your main Contact Page. Choose which type you want from: Agent, Appraiser, Inspector, Clients, Lenders, Title Companies.



To remove or change the selection in Filter Contacts:

1- If you need to reset your filter selections to redo them, click on "Reset Filters" at the bottom of the filter table

2- If you want to completely remove the filters you have applied and go back to your complete contact list, just click on the red button below the filter table that is labeled "Remove All Filters"


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