Bulk Texting Contacts

With your LionDesk custom phone number, you can now send out mass texts. In fact...texting is now as simple as ever!

1- Go to your "Contacts" tab section in LionDesk

2- Select the contacts you want to text by selecting them with the checkmark box to the left on the contact within your contact list

3- Once your contacts are selected, find the "Bulk Actions" button and a drop down menu will appear

4- Select "Text Contacts"

5- Click on "Text XXX Selected Contacts" or "Text XXX Contacts" (which will be the max amount of texts you can send at once)

6- A new window will appear with the list of selected contacts along with a textbox to create the mass text message or ability to select a text template (right hand side). Within this window you are also able to insert your video to be able to mass video text.

7-Once you finished composing or choosing your text template, click "Send."


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