Creating Custom Fields

1- Go to "Contacts" section

2- Select the contact you wish to add custom data to

3- Click on "Add New Custom Field Type"

4- A new dropdown will appear:

5- Type the name of the Custom Field you wish to create (Home Anniversary, Dogs Name, NickName, etc)

6- Enter the type of the Data of the Custom Field

  • You can choose from text fields, dates, dollar amounts, or a number. For example, Anniversary would be a Date Field. Dogs name would be a Text field.

7- Click on "Add Field" to save

  • Now the new field will display in the custom fields section of every contact's record.
    • To enter values for a custom field, select the "Empty" next to that field
    • To edit the values of a custom field, select the current text
    • To delete the values of a custom field, select on the Red Trash Can next to that field
  • Note: To completely delete a custom field from all contact's records, visit your Settings section



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