Creating, Editing, & Deleting Email Templates

Create a New Template

1- Click on the "Marketing" tab in the navigation bar

2- Locate the "Templates" tab

3- Click on "Create Email Template"

4- Create your email template in the designated window below

5- Once the template is created, then choose what folder you would like this template to be located in. 

6- Once a folder is selected, then save your template 


Editing & Deleting Templates

1- Click on the "Marketing" tab in the navigation bar

2- Locate the "Templates" tab

3- Your folders will then appear to the left  and once you select the "Templates" button then all the templates you've created will appear to the right.

  • If you want to edit templates under a specific folder, click the "templates" icon to the right of the folder for just those template to appear
  • If you want to search within all your templates, don't select a folder and just search under "all templates"

4- Once you located the template you want, use the respective icons for the task that you want to do. 

  • The green pencil is for editing
  • The blue letter is for sending
  • The eye is to view the template
  • The red trash can will delete the template




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