Setting Up Text 2 Sell Feature

Text 2 Sell is an exciting addition to your LionDesk subscription when you have a local area code phone number.

You can create unlimited short codes that you can then use in your online and offline advertising, such as Google campaigns, Facebook ads, sign riders, open house signs and even your email signature.

After you have purchased your custom number from LionDesk, to create your code, follow the steps below:

1- Click on "Marketing" in LionDesk

2- Click the "Text 2 Sell" tab

3-Click "Add New Code" and fill out the Short Code, URL and Response.

  • The URL can be your website, the property website, or anything else you want to send to the client as an auto response when they text this code.

4- Click "Save New".

You can see in the main area how many codes you have as well as how many clients have texted you from those codes.

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