Editing Auto Pilot Drip Campaigns

1- First you will need to access your automatic drip campaigns by going under your "Marketing" section within your LionDesk account

2- Go to "Auto Pilot Drip Campaigns" 


Edit the Name of a Drip Campaign

1- Under your "Auto Pilot Campaigns" click on “Actions" and then Edit Name

A new window will appear:

Change the name for your campaign and hit “Update”


To add Tasks:

1- Click “Add New Task to Drip”

2- Choose the type of task you want to complete: E-mail, Call or Text

3- If you select “Email” or “Text”, a drop down will show all of your email/text Folders and Templates.

4- Select the Folder that you want to utilize.

5- A new drop down will then allow you to choose any of the templates associated with that Folder. From here, select the template you want to start the Auto-Pilot off with.

6- You have three options for timing. You can either send it immediately, after several minutes, days or at a specific date.

  • Timing Example:  If you select zero minute delay, then your template will be triggered immediately after the Campaign is engaged on a contact.  You would want to do this for a Campaign that is for New Leads you receive from Zillow. 
  • Days Later: 2 Days later @ 8am would be 48hours after the campaign is triggered and will send off at 8am.
  • Specific Date: Do this if you want to send templates on specific days, such as a holiday, or the 1st of a month. Perhaps you have a monthly email that you want to go out to your clients.

7- When you’re done, click “Add Task”


To Edit a Task

1- Click on the "Edit" icon next to the task

2- A window will roll out

3- Make the changes you need

4- Hit Update Task



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