Stop/Removing Tasks from a Drip Campaign

1- Before you remove and stop tasks from a drip campaign you first need to go under the "Marketing" section that is on the navigation bar.


2- Once on the marketing page, click on " Auto Pilot Drip Campaign"



Delete Tasks from a Drip Campaign

1- Click “Tasks” next to the Auto Pilot Campaign the holds the task(s) that you want to delete

2- To the right of the task, click the "remove" button with the red trash can to delete the task



To Cancel Specific Tasks in a Drip Campaign for a Single Contact

1- Go to the contact's profile and scroll to the bottom.

2- In the "AutoPilot Drip Campaign Tasks" table, you will find all past and future tasks for you client.

3- Select the check box next to each tasks you want to cancel. Canceled tasks will be crossed out.


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