Adding Pictures and Attachments to Templates

1- To be able to add pictures to your templates you first need to access the "Marketing" section by selecting the tab on the menu

2- Under the "Templates" tab, Select "Create email template"


Add a Picture to an Email Template

*Note: The URL must come from LionDesk. Dropbox and Google Drive URL's will not work when embedding images into a template.


There are two ways for adding a picture:

1- Copy/Paste the picture into the email. Make sure to use "Control V" for pasting

OR Embed the image

1- Upload that picture into the "Documents" page in LionDesk.

2- Click on the picture, it will open a new window.

3- Copy the URL of that window 

4- Go back to your template

5- Click on the image icon in the text builder.

6- A window will open 

7- Paste the URL



Add an Attachment to an Email Template

1- On your "Marketing" tab, under the "Templates" section, click the button that says "Create Email Template."

2- Click "Add Attachments"

3- An area will appear where you can click and drag files to attach to your email.

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