Send and Schedule Emails


1- To send and schedule emails, go under the “Communications” tab on your LionDesk menu.

2- The first section under this tab will be “Send & Schedule Emails”. This is where you will see the window where you will be constructing your email.

3- Choose the contacts you want to email

4- Create subject line and body of the email

5- Once your email is ready to send, at the bottom of the window you will see three different options “Immediately”, “Scheduled”, and “Recurring”

6- “Immediately” will give you the option to send your email right away

7- “Scheduling” will allow you to choose a time and a date for your email to send.

8- “Recurring” allows you to choose when you want to start sending the email and at what time. You can then choose how often you want the email to repeat and when it will end.



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