Power Dialer Sessions

Please follow the instructions below to use the LionDesk Power Dialer


1- On the navigation bar, click on "Contacts"  

2- Select the contacts you want to call by selecting the check mark box to the left of the contact

  • Optional: Filter the contacts you want to call by using the the "Filter Contacts" options. 

3-   Click on "LionDesk Power Dialer (Beta)"

4- The Dialer will open in a new window. (Expand that window)  

5- On top left corner, click on "Start Session"    

6- The Dialer will call your cellphone. Your call list will populate under "Contact List" as well as the personal "Profile" will appear to the right of the screen.

7- To start dialing contacts, click on "Start Next Call"

8- The Dialer will then try to connect you to the Client

  • You can do anything when on the call, such as adding comments, tasks and emails while on the call.

9- Once the call is completed click on "End Current Call" 

  • Again, take this time to update your comments, add tasks, etc.

10- To move to the next call click: "Start Next Call"

11- To skip a client, click "Skip Call"  

12- When you're all done, click "End Session"  


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