Text 2 Sell Overview

Advertising your properties is helpful, but automatically responding to inquiries and instantly creating interested contacts at the same time can change the real estate game.

When you purchase a custom number from LionDesk, not only are you able to text from within your LionDesk account, you also unlock our Text-2-Sell feature. Once set up, the process is automatic, and at the same time it’s very useful and powerful.

1- Locate your Text 2 Sell by selecting the "Marketing" tab within LionDesk

2- Under "Marketing" selec the tab that is located towards to top of page that says "Text/Call 2 Sell"

3- This is where you can view all of the Text/Call 2 sell features that LionDesk has to offer.



Here’s how it works:

You write your own “Short Code,” URL, and custom response. The short code will be an easy thing for interested clients to text to your LionDesk number, your URL can be your website, the property website, or anything else you want to send to the client as an auto response, and the custom response is a 150-character message to be automatically sent to the client in addition to the URL.

Now your Text-2-Sell code is complete! It will read something like “Text HOME" to (760) 123-1234.”

Whenever interested buyers text the short code to your number, they’ll receive your custom response and a link to your website.

Using short codes, you can also capture demographic information and social media data automatically! When you receive a text from a number that isn’t in your account, LionDesk will immediately search the internet to create a new contact for you. LionDesk will make a new contact for the phone number on your account and attempt to populate it with data such as: name, age, house market value, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, and home owner status.



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