Managing Sub Account Admin

Sub Account Admin

Sub Account Admin is located under Settings. Unlike with Teams, there are certain parameters that must be met before a Sub Account Admin is added to an account. In order to qualify, you must be paying for all of your agents' accounts. You don't have to be a broker to have Sub Account Admin added to your account, you can be a team leader/manager as long as you are paying for everyone's account.

It is a feature that gives you more oversight, as Sub Account Admin can see the last time their agents logged in, as well as keep ownership of new contacts to keep track most recent notes, texts, and calls in the Contact Activity Timeline. They can see which leads have been assigned and who has been claiming the leads that come in. 




Sub-Account Admin Tab has some useful features to use! We now have the Actions button and the Settings button!



1) Actions - Is a drop down button that displays 3 options that you can utilize.


  •  Login As Sub-Account - Allows you to Login to that particular sub-account without needing a Username or Password. Please Note: (It logs you out of your account into theirs. So if you refresh your Sub-Account Admin Page, it will redirect you to their sub-accounts page instead.)
  • Reset Password - Will reset the password of that Account, it will send the password to the Email associated to that account not your accounts email.
  • Remove Sub-Account - As with previous versions, this will allow you to remove the Sub-Account from your Account.

2) Settings - This allows you to add some control and settings over the Sub-Accounts.




Adding A Sub-Account Admin

1) Locate your setting in your LionDesk account on the menu to the left


2) Select Sub-Account Admin on the top tabs


3) Select Add Sub Account


4) Follow the format as seen in here - enter the Sub Account email address,First Name,Last Name,Phone Number (do not use any spaces in between the commas)

5) Then follow the instructions on the screen as prompted to set up the new Sub-admin account

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