Google Sync

LionDesk currently syncs with Google contacts, email, and calendar. 

If you have a Google account that you use for Emails or Calendar, you can now sync it with LionDesk. By signing in with Google:

  • All your Client's emails conversations via Gmail will be synced in and traceable in the personal profile page of your client, providing he/she is a contact in your LionDesk database.
  • All your Google Calendar appointments and events will sync in and show up on your LionDesk calendar.
  • Please note: LionDesk calendar tasks will NOT show up in your Google calendar. 
  • The Google Contact you select will be synced in LionDesk 

1- Go to "Profile Page"

2- Click "Sign in With Google"

3- Click "Allow" when Google asks permission for LionDesk to see your information

4- Your LionDesk account is now sync with Google. Go to your contacts section to view Google emails or your calendar section to view Google calendar. 

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