Reporting Overview

The Reporting page will give you insight into your business. It will show you what goes in and out of the systems, graph your deals, and track incoming leads. 


Reporting Overview

1) Click on "Reporting" from the navigation bar


2) Select the "Overview" tab

The Overview section will contain several charts that track your contacts, deals, and marketing.

Note: sample data will be replaced with real data once you start using the features within LionDesk



The following is an explanation of each graph. 

Automated Lead Sources (Imported Automatically)

This graph shows the amount of leads per month for each source. It helps determine which source is providing the most leads.


Deal Revenue by Contact Source

This graph shows the amount of business each source is generating per month in terms of revenue.


Contact Sources

This graph shows month by month totals of contacts based on source. When entering a new contact make sure to fill out the source for it to appear on this graph 


Expected Deal Revenue By Month

The expected deal revenue by month will show sale opportunities graphed throughout the year. It shows the value of revenue from all deals in a particular month. It also shows the fluctuation of revenue from month to month


Activity Log

The activity log graph shows how many emails and text messages were sent, how many emails have been opened or clicked, and how many comments attached to contacts. 


Contact Pipeline 

The contact pipeline graph displays the stage of your contacts and the proportion of contacts in each stage. 


New Contacts

The new contacts graph shows how many total contacts were entered each month. This allows a comparison of the values between each month.




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