Managing Teams


When working as a team, anyone with a LionDesk subscription can be part of your team. You would add them to your team via invitation.

With teams, they can pay for their own accounts, or the broker or team leader could pay for them, or have a hybrid of both. You can also be a part of multiple teams.

You have the option of having team sharing “ON” or “OFF,” and that button determines what information is shared. 

  • Team sharing on: Everyone within that team will be able to view each other contacts, calendars, share email templates, and assign tasks to each other.
  • Team sharing off: Each team member within that team will only be able to view their own LionDesk account along with any contact that is assigned to them by a contact owner.


To Create a New Team

1- Click "Settings" section (left hand side navigation panel)

2- Click tab "Lead Distribution & Team Settings"

3- Click “Create New Team” 

4- Give a name to your team

5- Hit “Create Team”.

6- The team name will appear in your team’s list.


To add members to your team

1- Once your team is created it is then time to add members to your team

2- In the teams window under your settings, select “invite team member”

3- A window will then pop up where you can search for the person you want to add to your team by their email

4- LionDesk will then send them an invitation that they will see once they log into their LionDesk account and either accept for decline the invitation to be on your team.



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