Home Value

1- Go to your Settings in LionDesk.

2- Go to "Lead Distribution and Team Settings"

3- Locate your Unique LionDesk email and copy it. 

4- Log into your Home Value website which can be entered in your address bar in this format: http://www.yourwebsite.com/admin/index.php

5- Once logged in, go to Settings > General > Lead Notification

6- Scroll down to "Email Leads To Additional Email Addys" and add your unique LionDesk email.

7- Save your changes

8- Go back into your Settings in LionDesk and under "Lead Distribution and Team Settings".

9- Select your Lead Source Provide from the drop down menu and select "Add New Lead Routing"

10- Fill out the information required.

11- Select "Save Lead Routing"

All done!


**for information regarding where to place the API key or your unique LionDesk email in your lead source, please contact support of the lead source.**

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