1- Log in to your Zillow Agent account here.

2- Select "Account" from the fields along the top and then click "Connect to My CRM"


3- From "Connect to My CRM," click the blue "Add Partner" button.


4- Select LionDesk from the "Select a Partner" dropdown menu.


5- Once LionDesk has been selected as your Tech Connect Partner, you will then be asked to provide a Partner ID. IMPORTANT: This will be the email address you use to sign into LionDesk.


6- To confirm setup, you will see that LionDesk has been added as a partner.


Please Note: If you are distributing leads to team members through Zillow, you do not need to setup distribution within LionDesk. So long as the emails of the members, including yourself are the same in Zillow as in their LionDesk accounts.

7- Go into your Settings in LionDesk and under "Lead Distribution and Team Settings".

8- Select your Lead Source Provide from the drop-down menu and select "Add New Lead Routing"


9- Fill out the information required.


10- Select "Save Lead Routing"

All done!


***For Zillow Mortgage: Please send the link below to your Zillow Lender representative and they will use it to get your account integrated with LionDesk.

Link: https://api.liondesk.com/zillow/zillow_lender.php 


***For Zillow Rental: Rental Leads DO NOT push into ANY CRM. 

Users can use Zapier Email Parser to route leads into LionDesk, only if the user receives an email from Zillow Rental with the contact's information. Click here to learn how to use Zapier Email Parser. 
If at any point you get stuck, we're here to help via:
Phone 760-501-8582, Email support@liondesk.com, and LiveChat Mon-Fri 7am - 5pm PT




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